Business Development


Our senior Business Development team has been involved in multiples scoped, approached GAP´s / fishbones and then collaborated to solve many Business Scenarios.

We collaborate to push-pull each  scenario with interdependence to the market and to the prior and future influences (planning and forecasting figures, quota, vendors, distributors, resellers, partners, ...) applying the convenient Approach / Methodology - Tool Business Area (Business Intelligence -BI-, Business Processes Management -BPM- , Change Management, Predictive Modelling, SPANCO, SMDP, Six Sigma, SIPOC Analysis, Volere, Prince2, ...).

Companies aren't competing simply each others,... the panorama is quite complex and interesting, the important from now on, it's to focus on,... How to and how much you can optimize your services and sales and marketing channels into specific levels of the Business Market (LAND) + target + segment,... that allowed you to:  starting-up,... and more important,  to stay in the Sales and Distribution Channels and then to really expand / growing-up abroad!!.