GRC & QA Fulfillment

We applied best practices to analyze these regulations and QA levels modelling it with work-flow techniques and content management, providing you with alternatives to solve critical routes, regulatory affairs as a result of SPANCO, SMDP, Pert, SIPOC Analysis - Six Sigma, Volere, Prince2 ...

Additionally, in case of challenging situations we could collaborate to facilitate, to support becoming your Prime Contact for sales, buying or trading together the collaboration of Certified Specialists in the field of that foreign Business LAND.


Additional problems and consequences could come if your products and services are going to new markets to new locations where you have to constantly fulfill the QA’s and regulations. A good example are the entities around the simple pharmacy generics Industry that although those products are well known the GRC and trade policies, the Regulatory Affairs could depend on socio-economic, and sometimes political situations that could change any moment although you started-up / positioned Business in well recognized and business mature regions.

In the other hand some markets and regions are quite unpredictable and there the effort has to be strong and well-build and so to protect and avoid difficult situations that could put under risk important budgets and investments. Here always is better to understand first than try to pass to solve (buying, selling, trading).