KEY SERVICES & DELIVERABLE 2022 - 2024            
/   Portusland Business Development and Trade
Elaboration of strategic and tactical documentation
Biz Development, Areas Manager, Operations, Exports
Feasibility Studies and of the Investments, of the Emerging Markets for Launching, Positioning, Expanding, of Competitors, Suspects, Prospects and of Potential Clients AnalysisBiz Development, Financials, Sales and Marketing, Exports
Cost Reduction Analysis (Fixed and Variable)
Financials, Exports, Procurement, SCM, Vendor, SRM, CRM areas
New Investments/Product/Services/Solutions Introduction in new markets, segments and targets Biz Development, Financials, Sales and Marketing, Product Management Areas
Investments/Product/services/solutions Alignment to targets and specific market segmentsBiz Development, Sales and Marketing, Exports, Product Management Areas
Proposals of  Distribution Channels Development and Commercial Network Development Biz Development, Sales and Marketing, Exports
Proposals of Cross Cost Reductions Projects (SCM, Procurement , Logistics and Distribution)Procurement, SCM, Vendor areas, Product Management Areas
Analysis of competences covering standards and protocols like EFQM, ISO, GRC and QAProcurement, Marketing, SCM, Quality, R+D, Exports, Product Management Areas
Change Management, Technology and Knowledge Transfer, Cross-border Projects, Business Processes Improvement
Product Management Areas, Exports, Procurement, Biz Development, Sales and Marketing, R+D
Scoping and Prospecting (calling, target analysis, inputs, test of the market, mailing, scoping, …)Marketing and Sales, Customer Services
Meetings with potential clients, VAR's, distributors, collaborators, investors, partners, ... ,…Marketing and Sales, Customer Services
Meetings with entities Distribution Channels (Wholesale, Retail, Holding, Prescribers)
Marketing and Sales, Customer Services
Elaboration of sales / procurement offers and/or technical-commercial proposalsBiz Development, Sales and Commercial, Procurement, Exports areas
On-site meetings Support with Government and Public Institutions -Local, regional, International- and with the ones of the trading -clients, distributors, resellers, logistic operators, customs, …Biz Development, Sales and Commercial areas, Exports, Procurement and Distribution areas
Trade Policies Analysis, Certifications Workflow, Supporter and viewer for the fulfillment of the quality procedures
Exports Area, Quality Assurance and Trade, Product Management Areas
Opening and negotiation in between the Sales, Supply and Distribution Channels
Biz Development, Sales and Commercial areas, Exports
Customer and Facilities Services, Support (including post-sales, IT&C, Infrastructure, HR, Administration)
Customer Services, Facilities Areas, Sales and Marketing, Product Management Areas