Our Mission

Abroad, in those foreign markets full of great expectations (especially in these difficult business cycles), ... however, ... where another enterprise framework moves, where another reality is coming it´s so important to apply the convenient (for each case) strategies, tactics, methods and tools and so to create efficiently*(1).

Our mission is to understand first from your sources**(2)  and so to work with You to:

To improve, to expand your Business Development Abroad (Launching, Positioning, Growing-up, Re-engineering), your Trade (policies, certifications,...), your Business Processes (Logistics and Distribution, Sales and Marketing, Procurement and Demand), your Sales and Distribution Networks (Fishing Ideas, Market Quota, Distribution Channels)  and your Cost Reduction Projects (Products and Competences Analysis, Providers Negotiation, Families and Categories).

Our Mission is to obtain better figures and so to extend the maximum efficiency of your steps in the foreign markets, there where perhaps --you've started-up-, -where you haven't obtained the required margins and market quota- or -where you've invested without have the convenient ROI yet, in those foreign markets full of new opportunities-

Our Mission is to be able to collaborate with you from different cross and vertical functions and roles***(3).


Business Entities (Clients, Buyers, Providers, Sellers, VAR, Distributors, Partners, ...),
Business Processes (Launching, Positioning,  Sales, Procurement, Quality, Demand Planning, ...),
Business Methods and Tools
(Market Analysis, Dashboards, Feasibility Studies, Fishing Ideas, Competences Analysis, SPANCO, BI, CRM, SCM, DP, Volere, Six Sigma, SIPOC Analysis, Prince2, Predictive Modelling, ... )

From Your
HQ, your Marketing and Sales, Product, Quality, Export Managers, your Partners, your Distributors, Factories, Research and Development Centers,...

Prime Contact Abroad, Staff Team, Business Facilitator / Translator / Liaison, Representatives, International Presales, Account Managers, KAM, Business Development Managers, Trade and Regulatory Affairs, Testing and Quality Assurance Consultants, Support and Facilities Services Responsible, ....