Our Portfolio of Services

We would like to Collaborate to Build, to Expand and to Accelerate Business offering, ....

Add Value
in Key Business Processes / Areas of our expertise:
  • Business Development
  • GRC & QA Fulfilment
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business & Market Intelligence
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Procurement & Demand Planning
  • Change Management
  • Facilty Services

That means the following Portfolio of Services:

1. Business Development (Launching, Positioning, Expanding, Patterns, Fishing Ideas).
2. GRC & QA Fulfilment (Trade Policies and Certifications Analysis, Regulatory Affairs Workflow, Intellectual Property)
3. Sales & Marketing (Sales Processes and Channels  Analysis, Networks of Agents, Presales, KAM´s, BD´s, Engineers).
4. Business & Market Intelligence (Application of BI, BPM, Predictive Modeling to obtain Markets Intelligence)
5. Logistics & Distribution (Demand Planning, Supply and Distribution Channels Optimization, SCM, e-logistics,...)
6. Procurement & Demand Planning (Fixed and Variable Cost Reductions, Negotiations with Centrals of Procurement)
7. Change Management (Business Processes Management, Cross Border Projects, Technology & Knowledge Transfer)
8. Facility Services  (Prime Contact and Liaison services, Business and Investments Analytical Supporter)

We are able to collaborate globally thanks to our Channel, to our Team -activating our network of collaborators locally based on:

  • AMERICAS - Canada - USA - Mexico & LATAM (USMCA  > USA - Mexico - Canada, EU-Mexico- and Central America -CAFTA, SICA-,and South America Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, / -UNASUR, EU-MERCOSUR, CAN-), ...
  • EUROPE (DACH, UK, Nordic, Benelux, Central-East and Southern Europe, Iberian Peninsula, Euro-Mediterranean,...)
  • ASIA (East Asia -China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan-, South Asia - India, Singapore,...)
  • OCEANIA (Australia, New Zealand, …), among others.