Our Teamwork & Collaborating

Our practical cases, our Teamwork and Collaborating experiences help us to apply the best approach to each business, to each GAP / Fishbone to solve covering the mandatory alignment of the Technical - Functional - Business Processes – Change Management that each location, target and market requires.

Our team members have superior education with interesting and wide international careers and minds to apply best practices of their specialization areas: -Business Development, Logistics and Distribution, Procurement and Demand, Sales Networks, International Commerce and Law, Engineering – that have been applying to collaborate with Big Firms and SME / KMU of multiple sectors and technologies:

Electronics & ITC,
INDUSTRIAL & Production,
Medical & Healthcare, Nano+Micro+Materials+Photonics,
RE - Renewable Energy


Our Network of collaborators are specialists of some of the most representative market regions: 

  • AMERICAS - USA -  Mexico - Canada & LATAM (USMCA, EU-Mexico- and Central America -CAFTA, SICA-,and South America Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, / -UNASUR, EU-MERCOSUR, CAN-), ...
  • EUROPE (D-A-CH, UK, Nordic, Benelux, Central-East and Southern Europe, Iberian Peninsula, Euro-Mediterranean,...)
  • ASIA (East Asia -China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan-, South Asia - India, Singapore,...)
  • OCEANIA (Australia, New Zealand, …), among others.

In our multidisciplinary team are active members of the most important communities and associations: 

International Trade Network (ITN),
Market Research Global Alliance (MRGA), Sales Management Association (SMA), Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRC), Institute for Supply Management (ISM), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Business Process Experts (BPX), QAGuild Network (QA Network), Verband der Elecktrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V (VDE), NanoMaterials Society, Presales Professionals, ...