Sales & Distribution Processes

We collaborate to build suitable Sales and Distribution Channels obtaining better Sales Orders Contracts with Clients, Resellers, VAR´s, Distributors and Partners Providers.

We help to drive and to negotiate in order the most lower possible incurring sales costs (fixed and variable) evaluating and giving the benefits of each technical, pricing, quality policies and certifications Competences to obtain the most convenient suppliers-buyers per case, per Order, Contract.

For to achieve that we are using Business & Market Intelligence Tools ((including the relative new Predictive Modelling) focus on that improvements Sales, Distribution and Markets areas.

To quickly get to know your Portfolio to make targeting or positioning matching for the objective segment per Pilot Market we immediately activate our Business Networks to find the best Partners, Distributors, Wholesales, resellers, VAR’s, Networks of Sales and Agents (internal and external) all around the Sales and Distribution Channels  that would allow to get the Best Contracts to the Best Clients!!.