Who we are

We are a Channel Partner / Service Provider for the Supply, Sales & Distribution Channels -to collaborate to Improve your Market Entry, Positioning, Sales and, your Business Development & Trade Figures Abroad.

Our Mission

To be able to collaborate with you -applying best practices and our portfolio of services -obtaining results and efficiency across the supply, sales and distribution channels; getting for you -better clients, sales and business figures -supporting you continuously to gain your market entry steps, positioning and, business development in some of the most representative foreign market(s) / region(s).

Our Vision

By instance -goods, products, services and solutions get in the Business (Biz) Market (LAND) through “PORTUS” (Lat. for <Ports>). “PORTUS” consist of a “HinterLAND” (territory of inner influence, or economic impact) and, a “ForeLAND” (markets with which the “PORTUS” is connected through marine and/or air lines).

Inspired by these universal SCM / Trade terms -PORTUSLAND was founded -aiming to be focused on the LAND -on how to contribute to improve cycles of your product development, market entry, positioning and sales, obtaining then business development therefore, better business figures -considering the big-picture <when Technologies & Quality Standards, Intellectual Property, GRC, Trade Polices, ... internationally have to be fulfilled to give better goods, products, services and solutions to our societies>.

From PORTUS >> an innovative “HinterLAND” -where have seeded seeds, to the “ForeLAND” >> -to LAND using Smart Market Entry, Positioning, Sales Networks -gaining fishing ideas, insights, know-how, to be able to perform Business Processes Optimization and, Continuous Analytical Patterns Discovering -thus, to adopt your next Product Development cycle to be ready to up-coming Supply, Sales and Distribution Channels -change cycles.

Our  Collaborating & Teamwork

Our Use Cases, -our Collaborating and Teamwork experiences help us to apply best practices -to each business, to each GAP / Fishbone thus, to solve them across the Technical - Functional - Business Processes to be aligned with the Change Management / Market Intelligence / Business Development required to succeed! in the Foreign Pilot Market(s)/Region(s).

Our Team / Network of collaborators

Are local-based in some of the most representative market regions:

  • D-A-CH / Deutschland, Austria, Switzerland
  • BENELUX / Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
  • EAST-CENTRAL EUROPE / Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, ...
  • CENTRAL-SOUTHERN EUROPE / France, Iberian Peninsula -Spain, Portugal-, Italy, Malta, Greece, ...
  • NORTH AMERICA / Canada, USA, Mexico
  • LATAM & MERCOSUR / Colombia, Peru, Brasil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, ...
Our Team members

Count with superior education, strong skill-sets and know-how accomplished by an international mindset to be able to apply best practices of their specialization areas -Engineering and Product Development, Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Procurement & Demand Planning, Logistics & Distribution, IT&C, Change / Project Management, International Business / Law, –obtained when collaborating with SME´s (KMUs) and Big Firms of diverse sectors and new technologies as e.g.:

  • Automotive
  • Electronics & ITC
  • INDUSTRIAL & Production
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Nano+Micro+Materials+Photonics
  • RE - Renewable Energy