Our Representation Program 2024- 2026 to improve your Business Figures Abroad 

e you tried succeeding in foreign markets? ,... Our Approach »  
Workshops  <-> Fieldwork <->  Deliverable is effective & can gain! 

HPK1. Description & Focus
Our Representation Program focused on your business figures improvement -taking care your market entry, positioning, building Sales, Supply and Distribution Channels best practices -supported by our senior-local-market-based collaborators. 

Based on well-structured Workshops (1/Quarter) we´ll define the GAP´s to solve in the Fieldwork / Pilot Markets -obtaining operational / analytical views –e.g., how´s growing your positioning, velocity of getting new RFQ´s, RfP´s, Orders, Contracts, and the expected reduction of the Sales Cycles and Contracts Negotiation Processes. 

HPK2. Main Benefits
During workshops beyond brainstorming and synergy we are going to translate your needs in customer requirements / tasks –and then we are ready to go to the fieldwork -willing to come back with benefits / deliverable / results, as e.g.:
  • Smart Market Entry and Positioning within the Sales, Supply and Distribution Channels 
  • Obtained new Opportunities, RFQ´s - Quotations, Leads, Sales Orders, Contracts, RFP´s Request for Projects, BID´s
  • Gain New Business Development, New Project Collaborations, New Key Accounts / Projects, Partners, Alliances
  • Market Intelligence (new patterns, differentiators, fishing ideas, GAP-Fit Analysis, customers mapping and trends)
  • Better integration and focus (clear Mapping of Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Certifications Flows)
  • Strong Engagement –including KPI´s Analytical views of the main Production, Supply, and Sales / Distribution Processes involved.

Please find here our Representation Program 2024- 2026 to improve your Business Figures Abroad (PDF Format):
Representation Programme 2024 - 2026 PORTUSLAND BD&T -To Improve Figures Abroad_Offer 2Q-2024_v2.7.pdf