Pilot Market (s)/Region(s)

With our local built Network of collaborators for the supply, sales and distribution channels -we are able to focus on following markets/regions:

  • D-A-CH / Deutschland, Austria, Switzerland
  • BENELUX / Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
  • EAST-CENTRAL EUROPE / Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia, ...
  • CENTRAL-SOUTHERN EUROPE / France, Iberian Peninsula -Spain, Portugal-, Italy, Malta, Greece
  • NORTH AMERICA / Canada, USA, Mexico
  • LATAM & MERCOSUR / Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brasil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile.

Our collaborators are local-market-based Presales, Business Developers, and Engineers (with valuable skill set, contacts & networking) -eager to expand and improve your positioning, your business figures abroad, among making stronger your steps in the Sales, Supply / Distribution Channels. 

We suggest starting by the Pilot Market Groups  (2-3 Pilot Markets) that might concentrate your priorities to improve.